The products we offer:
  • Lacobel sliding door
  • Lacobel fridge door
  • Lacobel coloured glass panes for kitchen walls
  • Lacobel coloured glass panes for bathroom walls
  • Lacobel glass panes for floor and stage
  • Lacobel glass panes for fireplace base
  • Lacobel glass shelves
  • Lacobel glass walls
Glass panes Lacobel add a modern interior design.

Coloured glass is both attractive and practical. It protects surfaces from dirt and allows an easy cleaning.

Welcome !

We would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of Lacobel glass. The glass comes from wholesalers MyGlass. In our assortment you will find Lacobel glass with a thickness from 4 mm to 6 mm (thicker sheets are available on special order).

Lacobel is the type of glass belonging to the group of float glass. The glass is coated on one side with a high quality lacquer. Painted glass collection occurs in a wide range of colours.

Our company provides delivery of standard colours and allows you to choose custom colours.

Lacobel - Easy to install and maintain

Painted glass is characterized by ease of installation and maintenance, thanks to the functional and aesthetic advantages, it is gaining wider popularity and growing user group.

Lacobel glass panes are always installed so that the varnish layer would be secured, that is the glass coating on the outside. This action protects the glass from scratches.

Lacobel works well on surfaces exposed to dirt – such as grease and water. Seamless glass panels let you easily remove the daily dirt, without the need of laborious cleaning such elements as joints or their exchanges.

Lacquered glass - safe and aesthetic

A layer of paint applied on the cover of Lacobel glass is ecological and environmentally friendly. It does not contain heavy metals.

In addition, the glass is available in a secure version “SAFE”, which provides protection against moisture and scratching. Polypropylene layer also protects against glass splashed when the glass should be shattered into tiny pieces.

Lacobel glass - attractive interior design

Painted Lacobel glass is widely used for interior fittings. It can be ideally suited as an addition to cabinets, tables and other furniture. Glass panes are perfectly presentable on the walls of the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway or waiting room. Also the floors, made of coloured glass, are becoming increasingly popular.

Lacobel glass thanks to its versatility fits with other materials such as wood or steel. High gloss nicely illuminates the interior pane and adds elegance to them. Collection of painted glass will flash rainbow colours, so you can select the most desirable colour and fit it into the room.

Glass panels are a great addition to the modern interior. It is very popular among architects and designers. It is ideal for use in residential interiors and office buildings. Its modern design meets the requirements imposed by the latest global trends.