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Glass panes Lacobel add a modern interior design.

Coloured glass is both attractive and practical. It protects surfaces from dirt and allows an easy cleaning.

Lacobel in the bathroom

Do you want to say goodbye to traditional tiles in the bathroom and create a comfortable oasis of relaxation? If you like the original designing and modern forms, Lacobel will be an ideal and practical solution. Now it is easy to design your own home spa in warm and uniform colours or contrasting and energizing shades.

Security and anti-bacterial Lacobel coating

The secure version of SAFE Lacobel panels is usually used on the bathroom walls. The layer of polypropylene, which protects the surface against scratches, also protects it against moisture, which cannot be avoided in a room such as a bathroom. Some colours of Lacobel glass provide an excellent protection against moisture themselves, without the need of appying safe film.

Contrary to popular tiles, Lacobel is very easy to keep clean. In the traditional tile joints, sediment and dirt accumulates easily. There are no recesses on the uniform Lacobel glass surface, in which contamination may accumulate. The care is limited to using glass cleaner liquid and wiping it with dry sheets.

To ensure a more effective protection, it is possible to cover the glass surface with a special anti-bacterial coating, which protects the pane surface against the bacteria development.

The perfect fit or a surprising contrast

Nowadays, designers do not impose a particular style of bathroom furnishing. Individualism is highly valued; therefore, virtually everything is permitted.

Painted Lacobel glass provides an attractive, unconventional effect and allows playing with colours. The colour scale is so wide that no problem can be found to choose the right shade for you. It can be successfully match with the leading colour, or contrasting colour variations intentionally can be applied.